Rappel at Los Golondrinos Waterfall and Buena Vista-Chicá Trail (part 2)

Rappel at Los Golondrinos

After going to Saca Lagrimas Waterfall, it was time to continue, this time, on the way to Los Golondrinos Waterfall.

First we arrive at a house that is a few steps from the waterfall, in that place we would have lunch later.

We continue past a small house, with a terrace, which has a beautiful view of the mountains.

Our local guide tells us, that sometimes when she is there, she gives classes from there (at the moment due to the pandemic, the classes are only virtual), she had a hammock, which invited to take a nap.

We were there for a while, enjoying the place and envying her hahaha, how I would like to have a little corner like this at home, but from mine, I would only see houses, cars, buses, and electrical cables.

Trail to Los Golondrios Waterfall.

Los Golondrinos Waterfall

We continued hiking and arrived at Los Golondrinos Waterfall, some boys stayed at the top, because they were going to rappel.

I went down to see the waterfall from bottom and, furthermore, my sneakers (the only ones I have) are not appropriate for the rappel and well, slip, of course not, hee hee.

Los Golondrinos waterfall trail

As a tip, from previous experience, I can tell you that, if you are going to rappel, go with good sneakers that can get wet and have good grip, follow the instructions, leave the fear in your backpack hahaha and enjoy the adventure.

The best thing about rappel is the view you have, I already happened once, because of terror, yes, I was terrified, I practically went down embracing the mountain and after a while I managed to put fear aside and I began to enjoy the sight and without realizing it I was already down.

Unfortunately I did not have good sneakers, otherwise I would done it.

Los Golondrinos waterfall
Los Golondrinos Waterfall. Left, seen from below. Right, View from the side.

From below Los Golondrinos Waterfall is very beautiful, it has several falls, it is very relaxing just to stay and see it.

I looked with amazement one of our local guides, how he climbed the waterfall, in fact, I think he is the real spider man, because you have to have some super power to be able to climb it like that.

Los Golondrinos Waterfall is not like swimming, less jumping, but if you hike about 30 meters, in the direction downstream, there is a part, which looks like a natural pool and from what I saw, it is deep, one of our guides swam there, a pedestrian bridge also passes over the river.

Rappel at Los Golondrinos
Rappel at Los Golondrinos.

We spent a good time enjoying the waterfall, it is a bit concave and from each point you have a different view and different falls are appreciated.

We also took some photos of the boys who were rappeling.

Lunch time

Then it was time to go to lunch, we went back to the house, where they had ready our food, a daily Panamanian lunch (rice, stewed chicken and lentils), we rested a little and we continued hiking, now in the direction of Chicá.

House where they gave us lunch
House where they gave us lunch.

Buena Vista-Chicá Trail

This part of the trail was the one that I liked the most, the trail, the plants, the brightness of the green.

It was very impressive, the photos don’t reflect the beauty of the trail. It was like being in a beautiful dream.

trail Los Golondrinos waterfall
On the trail

I wanted to take photos every second, I recommend you this trail a lot, it is too beautiful.

I know that the difficulty is medium, but mostly because there are very steep parts, but they are some parts, and hiking slowly.

You can climb without a lot of problems. I don’t think we even noticed when we finished the trail.

At the end we reached a four-wheel drive road (dirt road), we continued a little more and began to see houses.

We continued to El Mirador Los Mandarinos (a viewpoint) with the idea of ​​enjoying a pineapple cocktail, which is more than a dessert with pineapples uncooked and with condensed milk, served inside a pineapple, but it had already run out (it’s really delicious, I’ve tried it on a previous occasion, if you go to Chicá or Altos de Campana, go and try them).

Buena Vista- Chicá trail
Trail with some downs.


We went down to the part of the viewpoint (it is a little below the premises) and from there we could see everything we hiked, we waited for our transport (previously hired), which would take us to the starting point at Buena Vista, where the cars were.

The boy who brought us the rappel equipment was on his birthday, that’s how we sang it to him, but since we didn’t know in advance, we didn’t bring cake.

I loved this trip a lot, I highly recommend it, there were many things, hiking, waterfall, rappelling, viewpoints and, above all, we spent a pleasant day in nature with people we did not know but who share the same passion for ecotourism.

One of the small rivers that we crossed.
One of the small rivers that we crossed.

Hiking time

  • 7 hours all the trail 7 hours (with stops at the waterfalls and time for lunch).


  • Medium.


  • Wear comfortable and cool clothes, long pants,
  • Bring water (enough for all the trail)
  • Light snack (fruits, nuts),
  • Wear good sneakers or hiking shoes for tropical weather,
  • Water shoes, or ones with good grip, for rappelling,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Go with a guide,
  • Do not leave garbage,
  • Do not go if it is raining or has rained recently,
  • Bring a waterproof bag for things that cannot get wet, in case of rain,
  • A complete clothing for change.
Hugging a tree
Hugging a tree.


Since $55.00 Complete trail, with the two waterfalls (Saca Lágrimas and Los Golondrinos) and lunch.

Since $35.00 rappel.

My guide

The guys of Traveling Souls Panama +507 6153-8924, info@travellingsoulpanama.com

You can also ask for private tours or just to make a waterfall.

Tour in Spanish and English.


There are parts with a cell phone signal, especially for Más Móvil and Tigo.

How to get to the trail?

Take the Pan Americana Highway towards Bejuco, once there, take the street behind the Pío Pío restaurant and continue as if you were going towards Los Cajones de Chame.

Look out for the sign that you will see on the right hand side where it says Bienvenidos a Buena Vista, it is at the entrance of a street, the sign is not very visible, but there are several signs there, like 8.

Then you must continue on that street until you reach Buena Vista.

It is approximately 20 minutes from the Pío Pío. Then you must continue with a guide.

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View from El Mirador Los Mandarinos.
View from El Mirador Los Mandarinos.

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