How to get to Cabra Hill

Cabra Hill

Cabra Hill is little visited and little known, with beautiful views of the Bay of Panama.

Just before they discovered the Covid-19 in Panama and shortly before the quarantine I got to know this hill, which is very close to the city.

Now that it is possible to go out and that we are weeks away from summer, I have decided to publish the tour.

This hill is a protected area, although at the moment Mi Ambiente does not have checkpoints.

Also, it’s a volcanic dome, interesting, right? This means that it was formed by lava, but a crater was not formed.

trai to Cabra Hill
We get here by taxi, we continue along this way until we enter the trail.

I met some guys on Sunday and we took a taxi to Las Veraneras 2 in Arraiján, I think this is the best option, since there is nowhere to leave the cars and the place is not very safe.

On the trail of Cabra Hill

The taxi left us at the foot of Cabra Hill, and we started the hike.

First along a trail where cars pass, then we turn right and continue through a part where you can only pass by hiking.

It goes through wooded places, as there are also sunnier parts and an area with the famous canal straw, which was really high.

Many conditions are required to climb Cabra Hill and if you are like me, the physical conditions are more or less, then it is best to go slowly and make a few stops.

Going through the canal straw.
Going through the canal straw.

The trail is quite easy to follow, however, it is best to go with a guide, on the one hand, to avoid getting lost, as it can pass.

The trail of Cabra Hill is not signposted and on the other hand, because some people steal along the trail, for this reason I do not have many photos of the trail, since the camera was stored for a long time.

Cabra Hill trail
Wooded part of the trail.

I took quite a few breaks, it is a relatively short trail, but very steep, especially at the end.

Views along the trail
Views along the trail

Almost at the end is the house of a man, who bought land on the hill with the idea of ​​conserving it, reforesting it and turning it into an ecotourism place, he does not live there, but the workers are there and what I like is that the animals walk free, horses, ducks, geese, chickens and others.

It was very beautiful to see the horses arrive, it was time to eat, running and one of them looked the house, while one of the workers was looking for food for him.


After being there for a while, we continued climbing, now came the most difficult part, there were only a few meters left, you could almost see the top, but a handrail would be great in this place, in the photos you don’t see much how steep it is.

Cabra Hill trail
Steepest part of the trail, it is much more than what you see in the photo.
Arriving at the Cabra Hill viewpoint
Arriving at the viewpoint.

On the top of Cabra Hill

Once at the top, we reach a viewpoint (there are hooks to hang hammocks), around there are floral plants that have been planted to make it more beautiful.

 From the highest part of it you have a 360º view, where you can see Arraiján (towards Westland Mall), the community of Las Veraneras 2, Veracruz and its beaches, the Biomuseo, Panama City and the ships entering the Panama Canal. The view is really beautiful.

Cabra hill viewpoint
Cabra hill viewpoint.

We want to go back to camp and watch the sunrise from there.


It was time to go back and well, this was much more difficult than to climb, I will just tell you that I spent about 15 minutes going down 50 meters, because in addition to being steep, there are many large stones, which are loose and to fall there, I don’t think be a good idea.

View from Cabra Hill
View of Panama City and the entrance of ships to the Panama Canal.

We returned and stayed another little while at the house of the owner, we rested for a while and then we continued going down.

I clarify, we went there because our guide knows them and they knew we were going that day.

When we got down, we took advantage while our taxi arrived and bought some duros (frozen fruit drink, usually they are natural) to refresh ourselves.

They tell me that you can go up through Veracruz, and from what we saw there must be at least one more trail, since you can go up by car.

The next time I go, I hope to go up in the car and camp there, above all so as not to carry the camping equipment, which in my case is a bit heavy, heh, plus water, food and whatever else is needed.

View to Veracruz from Cabra Hill
View to Veracruz.

Hiking time

  • 1 hour the ascent.  If you have good conditions, you could climb it in 40m.


  • Half.
View to the Veraneras 2 from Cabra Hill
View to the Veraneras 2.


  • Wear comfortable and cool clothes, long sleeves and long pants,
  • Cap,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Bring water,
  • Light snack (fruits, nuts),
  • Wear good hiking shoes,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Do not go in your own car,
  • Go with a guide,
  • Go by taxi, you can do it from the Super Xtra in Arraiján.
  • Do not go if it is raining or has rained recently.
  • Preferably not go with cameras, if you carry them, do not take them out on the way,
  • Do not leave garbage,
  • Going during the day.


  • There is no hours , but it is recommended to do the hike during the day.
Back on the trail
Back on the trail.


  • Free entrance.
  • $15.00 tour from Panama City (with transportation).

My guide

Jasnay of Mapana Travel +507 6279 4353.

Tour in Spanish and English.


  • Camping is allowed.

How to get to Cabra Hill?

You can take a transport until Super Xtra in Arraiján and from there take a taxi to Las Veraneras 2, tell the driver that you are going to the Cabra Hill trail.

You can say the driver to pick you up at X hour and also ask for the cell phone number.

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Cabra Hill
I imagine, in the morning, with a cup of chocolate and with this view.

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