10 Recommended Places for National Holidays

Hanging Bridge one of Recommendation for National Holidays

The month of the National Holidays begins, with it several days off and opportunities to visit places in this beautiful country, and although we are still in a pandemic and many places are still closed or those that are open have restrictions, we can always take a little getaway with our family .

Remember to go with a mask, bring other spare ones, bring alcohol or alcohol gel, just go with your family bubble, keep your distance with the other bubbles and do not leave anything (bring a bag for waste / garbage), it depends on everyone that these places are preserved, that we do not return to quarantine and that other places are reopened.

1. Farallón Beach

Not only is it quite close to the capital, but you can also do several activities such as snorkeling, going up to Farallón Island, walking on the beach, swimming among others. There are several restaurants for different budgets… read more.

Recommended for the whole family.

Farallon Island one of Recommendation for National Holidays

2. Nativa Waterfall

For those who are a little more adventurous, they can go to know the Nativa Waterfall and spend a pleasant day away from the noise, in a natural environment and with a beautiful waterfall, you can contact the owners of the house that is at the entrance and reserve a delicious Panamanian lunch ... read more.

Nativa waterfall one of Recommendation for National Holidays

3.   Canopy over Gatún Lake

And for those who are even more adventurous, you can have the experience of Canopy over Gatun Lake, you will surely not forget it and enjoy it very much, also the place offers other activities, you can take a package (it is cheaper) and have a different day.

There are also activities for the little ones, if you are going to have lunch there and have an executive lunch, book it, because it ends … read more.

Canopy at La Granja Campo y Aventura.

4.   Iguana Island

This beautiful island is a wildlife refuge, its sand is white like those of the Caribbean and the waters of its beaches are crystal clear, you can see animals such as iguanas, frigate birds, sea turtles, fish, corals, among others.

You can snorkel, swim and hike the trails, you need to make a booking … read more.

Recommended for the whole family.

Iguana island

5.   Natural Metropolitano Park

If you are in the capital and do not want to go far, you can visit the Natural Metropolitan Park, it has 7 beautiful trails, and although, due to the Pandemic, not all are opened, all are beautiful, you can enjoy a natural environment, such as If you were in a forest very far from civilization, and if you go in silence you will see some little animal. Booking is necessary … read more.

Recommended for the whole family.

metropolitan park

6.   Tortuguilla Beach Trail

It belongs to the San Lorenzo National Park, it is a small trail, but full of life, on this trail I could see an anteater and at the entrance several monkeys and sloths.

The trail is suitable for the whole family, however, in the end, where the beach is, I do not recommend it for young children. Booking is necessary … read more.

Recommended for the whole family.

Tortuguilla beach

7.   Hanging Bridges

Located in Boquete, this place offers a trail through several hanging bridges, where the guide explains to you, about the place, the vegetation, animals and more, and if you are very adventurous, you can also take the Canopy tour and for the Coffee lovers, a coffee tour is offered right there… read more.

Hanging Bridges one of Recommendation for National Holidays

8.   The Níspero Zoo

If you plan to take a day trip or are in El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), you can take advantage and go to Níspero, this is a zoo, which is dedicated to the care of animals, some rescued others have been taken by their owners, because they cannot take care of they.

It is a quite large place, where you can see different types of animals … read more.

Recommended for the whole family.

El Níspero one of Recommendation for National Holidays

9.   To Hike India Dormida Hill

India Dormida Hill, that mountain that forms a park of Panamanian stories and legends, how about climbing it on national holidays? It would be a good idea, and from the top to be able to see the immensity of the El Valle volcano crater.

It is not necessary to go with a guide (during the day), although you can do it, this place requires a bit of physical conditions, it suggests you go slowly and with others, do not go alone … read more.

India Dormida hill

10.   Beaches in Colón

And of course, the coast up Colón cannot be left out, Colón has many beautiful beaches and 3 of them are in Portobelo National Park, it is not necessary to make a booking, however, I suggest you arrive early, since, many people can go, due to the pandemic, may be restricted in access to avoid crowds, it is necessary to take a boat to reach them.

These beaches are quiet, in addition to swimming, you can snorkel or paddle, you must bring your own equipment, they are uninhabited beaches and there is nothing… read more.

Recommended for the whole family.

beaches in Colón one of Recommendation for National Holidays

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