Touring El Níspero Zoo and Nursery

View of El Gaital Hill from the artificial waterfall at El Níspero zoo
View of El Gaital Hill from the artificial.

El Níspero Zoo is one of the places that I love in the El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), even though I don’t like caged animals. However, it has beautiful passages, some animals are free, and others have a good space.

History of El Níspero Zoo

It did not start as a zoo, nor had any idea that one day it would become one, it is a private place.

The owner was acquiring animals, on the one hand, because he likes them and on the other, because they were given to him, little by little it became a zoo and with the increase in spending it was decided to charge the entrance fee. Today it houses more than 90 species of animals.

At El Níspero Zoo

You can see ostriches, turtles, macaws, tapir, tiger, agouti, fox, frogs, sheep, peacock, monkeys, crocodile, toucan, among many more.

I had seen some swans before, although one of them was not very friendly, I am not lying, it attacked people.
Ostriches at El Níspero

But there are not only animals, there are also plants, the tour begins with the nursery and ends with orchids.

In the middle of the route we have the beautiful view of Cerro Gaital, in addition to a spring that descends to a small pond with goldfish.

Then we find a place for the study and conservation of amphibians, there is the golden frog (Atelopus Zeteki), endemic to Panama, which is in danger of extinction (currently this last part is behind Campestre Hotel at the entrance of the trail of the square trees).

Another of the places is a small lake with fish, ducks and turtles, this is near the end, in addition to bridges that help to pass one side to the other.

Golden Frog al El Níspero zoo
Golden Frog.

The only thing is that you cannot enter with food, because I would spend all day there, I love the landscapes, it is not one, there is a view of the mountains, the lake or among the trees and read a good book.

This place is perfect to go with the family. In addition, you do not need a guide, you travel alone.

Inside the place everything is signposted and has small signs with information.

Lake of El Níspero.
The lake: you can see fish, turtles and ducks.


  • Do not feed the animals,
  • Do not make noise,
  • Do not hit the cages,
  • Do not take the plants,
  • Use repellent,
  • Bring water and / or soft drinks,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Something for the rain, umbrella or a coat rain,
  • Cap or hat,
  • The place is very clean, take care of it,
  • The place has chairs to rest, not many, you can get something to put on the floor and rest while enjoying the place.


Currently the Amphibian Conservation Center is located at Campestre Hotel, behind the pool.



  • Everyday.
  • 8:00 am. to 4:00 p.m.



  • $ 3.00 adults.
  • $ 1.00 children.


  • $ 5.00 adults.
  • $ 2.00 children.
Vietnamese pigs.
Vietnamese pigs.

How to get to El Níspero Zoo?

By bus

It is very easy, if you are going from Panama City, at the Albrook Bus Terminal, take a bus to El Valle de Antón, get off at Melo Store, you can tell the driver to leave you there.

Then walking about 2km, enter that street and take the 2nd street on the right and at the end there will be El Níspero Zoo.

If you are in another part of the country, where the buses that go to El Valle de Antón do not pass, simply take a bus that leaves you in Las Uvas, better known as the entrance to El Valle de Antón (it can be a bus from Aguadulce, Penonome, Santiago, Chiriquí, among others), ask the driver before getting on.

At the Las Uvas entrance, you can take any bus that enters that street (not the Pan-American one) all arrives to the town, from there it is about 28km.

By Car

Drive on the Panamerican highway, when you reach Las Uvas, or the entrance to El Valle de Antón, take this road and at the end of the road, you will reach the town.

You will know because, on the rest of the way you will only see houses, valleys, you will be above the mountains, but in El Valle de Antón, you will be below and you will see the mountains that are at the top, I hope I have explained myself.

When you get to town, drive to Melo Store, it is a store for pet and agricultural products, if you get to the market it is because you passed it.

Enter the street that is next to Melo Store, take the 2nd street on the right and at the end there will be El Níspero Zoo.

There is plenty of parking, there are some guys who are watching the parking lot, if you want you can leave a tip.

Note: the road from Las Uvas to the town El Valle de Antón has many curves, ups and downs, drive with caution and keep in your lane. Total trip time is 2 hours from Panama City.

Updated: 2021.

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Trees at El Níspero.
Trees at El Níspero.

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