Las Mozas Waterfall and its Legend

Las Mozas Waterfall

Las Mozas Waterfall (Chorro Las Mozas) is located in the Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), on the way to La Cruz hill.

It is one of the famous waterfalls of the Valle de Antón and is undoubtedly the most visited, the river itself is called the Antón, however, it converges in it all other rivers of the Valley.

Las Mozas Waterfall is one of the places that I had not visited, since I was a child I was curious how it was and I imagined how it could be.

Las Mozas Waterfall parking lot
Las Mozas Waterfall entrance and parking lot.

I thought it was a very little visited place and almost a jungle, I imagined that there were three small waterfalls next to each other and of course, with a small river, well my imagination was quite far from reality.

Actually, it is a medium-sized river, the waterfalls are not next to each other, you have to hike from one to the other.

Many people do not see any waterfall, others come to the first, very few to the second and I think that nobody on the third.

Their heights vary, but they are not tiny. In case you don’t know, this place has a legend.

Legend of Las Mozas Waterfall

The Mozas were the 3 daughters of Tobalo, a famous indigenous warrior, they were very beautiful.

They were secretly in love with a young man, the most skillful and agile young man of the tribe, Caobo.

The three flirted with him, he looked at them, but they paid no attention to them, his heart belonged to a commoner from Penonomé.

In Penonomé the Balserias Game was held, where different people came, regardless of whether they were nobles, commoners or slaves, Caobo also came and with great joy, in order to see his girlfriend and be able to talk to her.

Now, the 3 daughters of Tobalo did not know that the heart of Caobo already had an owner, the girls investigated to see if any of the girls from their tribe was interested in Caobo, but none, it is more in the parties of the tribe, he preferred to converse with the olders.

El Rey
El Rey Spot.

The day of the Balseria games arrived, the girls put on their best dresses and went, like Caobo, and it was there that they realized that he only had eyes for Ruti.

In their jealous look, they realized that they were also in love with him (neither knew what the other felt).

They returned to their town with a lot of sadness inside and making it appear that everything was forgotten.

One night, with a clear sky and a full moon, the three girls, on different trails, went to the river, there they saw each other, a little surprised to find the three of them there.

They sat on a large stone, they cried for hours and their tears became 3 waterfalls that reached the waters of the river.

Antón River
Río Antón.

The older one jumped into the river and then the others followed her, thinking that in the river they would calm their pain.

They did not die, but, they stayed to live there (in the aquatic world), finding happiness underwater, although they say that sometimes they are seen.

On the night of Saint John, they can be heard, some people have seen them, they even say that they offer them gold objects.

They throw them into the water and those who go for them fall into a strong whirlpool in the water.

You may also be interested in the legend of La India Dormida Hill.

Chorro Las Mozas Bridge.
Bridge to go downstream to see Los Chorros..

Las Mozas Waterfall

Once we arrive, we park, following the signs.

But before arriving, in the middle of the road you have to stop, without getting out of the car, to pay the entrance fee. For my good luck, I park the car in a shade.

Las Mozas Waterfall has toilets and cabins, the latter are totally free.

You have to get there early to take one, although I would rather be on the banks of the river itself.

It also has three main points for bathing, one is Balneario El Rey (near to the Cabins), the other is Charco El Mero and the last is the first Waterfall, although the signposting say that it is 5 minutes away, yet it is like 15 minutes.

Las Mozas Waterfall
Small waterfalls on the way.

Many stay in the first 2, especially families.

The river is not deep, however, it has parts that are lower than others, one where the water would reach the waist and others where it would reach the ankles.

On the way I saw people in the water and others sitting, although the most curious thing was an older couple, who placed the chairs in the river, but the water was so low, I think they only got the soles of their shoes wet.

Wide path.
Some parts of the trail are wide.

I followed the trail to see The Waterfalls, which was actually what I wanted to see.

The trail became narrower and narrower, until a part arrived that had to be passed one by one and in turn, first those who were returning and then those who were arriving.

I went with my mom, I told her to wait for me, because the road looked more difficult, although in reality it wasn’t as difficult as it looked.

Narrow path.
Some parts of the way are narrow.

I arrived at the first Waterfall, where there were many people, almost all were sitting, by this I mean that the water is not very deep.

This is also the part of the river where there is the most sun, the rest of the spa is all under the roof of the trees.

I advanced a little more and reached the top of the second waterfall, this is seen to be much higher, but it is not to jump.

From here, it is dangerous to advance, moreover, almost no one reaches the 2nd Waterfall.

If you go with children, don’t get there, they may slip with the stone and fall, with an unpleasant ending.

On the path to Las Mozas Waterfall.
Beautiful views of the Antón River.

The river trail is beautiful and ideal to go read a book, the water is not very crystalline, although there is no garbage.

The water look little dirty, people told me that this river is polluted, because they converge there the other rivers, streams and other rivers of El Valle, and in some of them people throw garbage.

Maybe, the level of dirt is not so high as not to swim in it.

I still recommend it, because it is a very very nice place, where you can go with a chair, sit on the shore, read a book, and have a good time.

There are no bad smells or anything like that, so you can enjoy the rich breeze and the sound of the river.

First waterfall
First waterfall, I could not take the photo well, because I had to get into the water hahaha.


  • Follow the directions of the place,
  • Do not jump,
  • Do not go if it is raining, thundering or flashing, (avoid a flood),
  • Bring water,
  • Snacks,
  • Sunscreen,
  • It is not allowed to bring liquor,
  • Out of respect for visitors, not playing music, making noise or smoking,
  • Do not leave trash and if you can, pick up what you see on the road
Second waterfall, upstream view.
Second Waterfall, upstream view.


  • Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • $1.00 adult entrance fee.
  • $0.50 children entrance fee.
  • $0.75 seniors entrance fee.
  • $0.25 use of the toilet.
  • free, the use of the cabins
Las Mozas Waterfall
Second waterfall, view downstream.

How to get to Las Mozas Waterfall?

Take the Panamerican highway to the El Valle entrance (at Las Uvas), it is not really the entrance, but it is the road that goes to El Valle, since it is the last town on the road.

Once you reach the town, follow the signposting to go to El Chorro Las Mozas, is the same road that goes to Cerro La Cruz and connects with other towns in Penonomé.

When you arrive, you will be on a climb with many curves, be careful with the cars that go down.

In the middle of this street on the left-hand is the entrance, from there you will drive about 1km more until you reach The Waterfall parking lots.

You must park with the car in the direction of the exit, since the place is small and thus avoids delays in leaving and others arriving.

If you go by bus, once you get to El Valle, you can take a taxi to take you there, or hike from the last community in El Valle.

I don’t have the time, but from there it could be about 15 minutes to the waterfall.

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Las Mozas Waterfall

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