Square Trees of Panama

Square trees
Square Trees.

Being in El Valle de Antón (Anton Valley), I decided to see the square trees (quararibea asterolepis) again.

I remember the first time I saw them, it was with my family, in the mountains, looking for moss for the nativity scene, then I saw them at the Campestre Hotel, but by then the trail was not there or at least we did not hike it.

I went to the Campestre Hotel and from there to the entrance of the trail, as it happened months ago, there was no staff attending, but the trail was open so I started it, this time a little earlier, so I hoped I could finish it

One of the banks of the Square trees trail
Uno de los bancos del sendero.

The trail is quite easy, there are few ups and downs, but not very steep, there are also benches, ideal to rest or just sit and listen to nature.

In it, the plants form a roof with their branches, which protects us from the sun and envelops us with nature, but at the same time it darkens the trail (that’s why I could not finish it the first time, it became very dark and I have to go back).


Almost at the end I passed a small hanging bridge, and I also went down to the river to take some photos.

Hanging bridge. 
Square Trees
Hanging bridge.

Following the route, I reached where the square trees are, there are about 7 on the trail, they are not the only ones, but those are visible in that part, they are signposted, although it is a matter of paying attention, since their trunk is square.

It is not very easy to take a photo, it is advisable to bring something with a right angle to lean against the tree and take the photo, that happened to me, but I made some small videos  and they did look good there. There are also some huge, non-square trees that could be centuries old.

Interesting Facts of the Square Trees

  • Blooms between June and July,
  • Fruits between August and November,
  • Height: 30m.
Large trees within the trail.
Large trees within the trail.

It is interesting what nature is, if one sees other trees, they are alike among their species, but none is the same as another, but the square trees seem to be made with the same mold, at least what their trunk is, even, from what I have read even his rings are square.

The trail starts near the hotel entrance and ends at the back, say the pool.

It is beautiful and I recommend it, but if for some reason you cannot do it, then you could start with what the exit would be, from there you hike for about 2 minutes and you can see the 1st tree.


With the new administration, Funcación EVACC, the trail begins with what was before the end, that is, where the square trees are.


From 30 to 45h, the entire trail.




  • Wear sneakers,
  • Raincoat (for any rain),
  • Enter the trail no later than 3:30 p.m. (the trail is dark because of the trees).


  • Monday to Sunday.
  • From 8:00 a.m. at 4:00 p.m.


  • $4.00 adult.
  • $1.00 children up to 15 years old.

How to get to The Square Trees?

By car

From the Panamericana Highway take the street that goes to El Valle de Antón (from the Capital, it is after San Carlos), you will pass through small towns that are along the mountains, after passing through the Viewpoint.

Then you will see on your right a mini-supermarket (Centro Comercial) and followed by a mini gas station continue and take the 2nd street on the right, when you see the fork, take the street on the left and you will arrive directly at Campestre Hotel.

You park and walk to the pool, behind it, it is the entrance of the trail.

By bus

Take it at the Albrook Bus Terminal or on the street that goes to El Valle de Antón.

Say the driver to drop you off at the Paseo El Valle Shopping Center (El Rey Supermarket).

The shopping center is diagonal to the street that goes to the hotel, it would be a matter of going back, when entering the street continue until you see the fork, then take the street on the left, it goes directly to Campestre Hotel,

It is just after the entrance walk on the right hand side and you will see the entrance to the Square Trees trail.

Updated: 2020.

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River under the hanging bridge. Square trees
Río bajo el puente colgante.

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