Expanded Panama Canal – Visitor Center

Expanded Panama Canal

After living outside of my beloved Panama, one of my wishes was to know the Expanded Panama Canal, since when I left the country it was not still finished.

Therefore, I took advanced of sunny days and I went to know them.

They are amazing large and for my luck I could see a carriage of liquefied Gas, ships that cannot pass through the other locks, because of their large size.

I went to the projection room while we were waiting the next ship. The video can be seen in English and Spanish. It tells about the history of their construction and the people who worked in them.

Trail at Agua Clara Vistor Center

The center has a small trail, where you can appreciate a little the fauna and the flora of the place

Trail at the Expanded Panama Canal.
Trail at the Expanded Panama Canal.

The Viewpoint

It has an amazing panoramic view to the locks, it also has the explanation in English and Spanish.

Theses locks allow transited the NeoPanamax ships.

The gates of the Panama Canal

Each cabin has 2 independent doors, it can be used one or both, this allow to make the maintain to one of them, and that do not affect the transit through Panama Canal.

In addition, 60% of the water is reused for the transit, the water get the locks through their gravity.

Ships waiting to pass through the Agua Clara Locks.
Ships waiting to pass through the Agua Clara Locks.


The Expanded Panama Canal visitor center has 2 restaurants, one has fast foot, and the other is a la carte.

I didn’t eat there, since I took advantage of my visit to Colón to go to a restaurant near Agua Clara locks, it is very recommended, so I went to know another part in Colón.

The restaurant is called Donde Camacho and the prices are around $ 10.00, they have pasta, chicken, meat, seafood, hamburgers.

Visitor Center Hours

  • Open daily
  • 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

I recommend checking the transit schedule of the ships see more.


Panamenian and residents

  • $5.00 adults
  • $2.00 senior
  • $2.00 students with ID from Monday to Wednesday
  • $2.00 children (between 6 and 12)

No resident

  • $15.00 adults
  • $10.00 children (between 6 and 12)

More information: Agua Clara Visitor Center.

Filtering and sedimentation well used for water treatment.
Filtering and sedimentation well used for water treatment.

My investment

$20.00: fee entrance, fuel (between 2 people) and the lunch.

Where is the Expanded Canal Visitor Center?

The Expanded Panama Canal Visitor Center is in the Atlantic, in Agua Clara, Colón, after Davis, near the Atlantic Bridge and the Gatún Locks.

How to get to Agua Clara Visitor Center?

You can only get there by car or a tour.

The easier way to get is to take the Panama-Colón highway until Colón City (last exit) (the fee is $2.30 each way, you only can pay in cash).

As soon as you exit, take the roundabout and then the second exit, continue and take the street that is right next to the bridge (do not go up the bridge) continue on the left side and take the U-turn.

After passing under the bridge, keep to the right side and enter the first street,

Continue with the signs for the Agua Clara Visitor Center.

I made my visit on a Sunday morning, so I found myself with little traffic, even though it was in summer and I didn’t use the highway (I traveled from Panama City).

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Ship carriage of liquefied Gas passing through the Expanded Panama Canal.
Ship carriage of liquefied Gas passing through the Expended Panama Canal.

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