15 Free Places to Visit in Panama City

Panama is a place that offers a lot to residents and visitors, we love being able to show visitors something of what this beautiful country has and even though, there are places that require an admission cost, it also has others with free access and even free activities and concerts.

1.   Casco Antiguo

One of the favorite places for nationals and visitors, you can walk through its streets, with its beautiful Spanish and French-style houses, see its buildings, squares, museums, churches and convents full of history, there are also restaurants, bars and hotels. Headquarters of the Palacio de las Garzas (Presidential Palace) and the National Theater.

It is a place that has life both day and night. In addition, you can see the contemporary city of Panama, Isla Taboga, La Cinta Costera 3 and the Causeway of Amador.

It is among my favorite places in the City, to walk among its streets, rest in one of their benches in one of the squares or on the Paseo Esteban Huertas under the veranera roof.  Since 1997, this place has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Casco Antiguo, free places in panama

2.   Churches

The entrance to any church in the country is free, it is only enough that it is open, many of the oldest in Panama, are in the Casco Antiguo, each one is different from the other, the one that can attract the most attention is the San José Church For its Altar covered in gold, another may be the La Merced Church, each of its columns is a wooden trunk.

It is important that you wear appropriate clothing to enter… read more.

Altar de Oro of the San José Church (Golden altar)
Altar de Oro of the San José Church (Golden altar).

3.   Panama Canal

The Pedro Miguel Locks do not have a visitor center, but if you can see the ships go through it, there is a place where you can park and that serves as a viewpoint.

To go, it can be in your own vehicle or by bus (like the Paraíso -Albrook route) in front of the parking lot is the bus stop.

Video, currently the parking lot has been removed, you can still see a bit the Panama Canal, but there is no place to park.

Ship passing through the Pedro Miguel Lock. Free places in panama
Ship passing through the Pedro Miguel Lock.

4.   Ancón Hill

Near the Panama Canal and the Casco Antiguo is Ancon Hill, a hill that has been an important part of the country and gave the location to the new Panama City, after the previous one was destroyed.

From above you can see the Casco Antiguo, the Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas, The Cinta Costera and others, being an ideal viewpoint for being the highest point in Panama City. read more.

Panamanian flag, the largest in the country
Panamanian flag, the largest in the country.

5. Cinta Costera

It is about 8 km long, it is perfect to go any day, to walk, exercise or just enjoy the day.

It consists of 3 faces, the first 2 on the coast and the last is a maritime section (Cinta Costera 3) that ends with a restaurant area (Sabores del Chorrillo, I recommend the torregitas of cod where Ñato) and the Maracana Stadium .

My favorite part is the Cinta Costera 3 for being quiet, with a good breeze, surrounded by plants and with benches overlooking the Casco Antiguo.

In the middle of all the Cinta Costera is the Seafood Market, where you can taste a good Panamanian ceviche.

Sunset at the Cinta Costera 3
Free places in panama
Sunset at the Cinta Costera 3.

6. Veracruz

On the other side of the Bridge of the Americas in Panama Oeste, is Veracruz, people go to the place to swim in its waters, others to practice some water sport, but without a doubt the majority goes for its restaurants with seafood and the night parties in its bars and discotheques.

I have not been many times, but the food plus the sea view, makes any afternoon an excellent moment...read more.

Venao Beach in Veracruz,  Free places in panama
Venao Beach in Veracruz.

7. Mirador de las Américas (Viewpoint of the Americas)

Just after the Bridge of the Americas, starting the province of Panama Oest, it is this viewpoint, where you can see the ships pass between the port and under the Bridge of the Americas, there are no facilities, however, there is a sale of handicrafts and security Police.

You can only go in your by car.

View of the Neopanamax ship passing under the Bridge of the Americas
View of the Neopanamax ship passing under the Bridge of the Americas.

8. Omar Park

The park has about 55.6 hectares of land, where you can have a picnic, read under a tree, exercise, play sports.

It has asphalt trails, parking lots, the National Library, tennis court, swimming pool, skating rink, soccer field, volleyball court, baseball field, children’s play area, amphitheater, tree areas for rest and others without them, they are used for games.

Also in this park there are free activities, such as dance classes, fairs, concerts and presentations.

Children's area in Omar Park
 Free places in panama
Children’s area in Omar Park.

9. Causeway

Perfect place to see both sunrise and sunset.

It is also known for the Causeway of Amador, it is formed by 4 islands, Perico, Naos, Flamenco and Culebra, which joined the mainland with the earth and rocks that were extracted in the construction of the Panama Canal, today it is one of the favorite places, it has restaurants, areas for children, a bike path.

It is commonly seen walking, running, skating, or riding a bicycle.

The Causeway has bars and clubs.


10. Casa Góngora (Góngora House)

17th century colonial house, very well preserved, which you can walk through and see what they were like, their doors, windows, walls, floors, the details of the sea (liking of the first owner).

Currently you can also see works by Panamanian artists.

Góngora house Free places in panama
Góngora House.

11. Casa del soldado (Cultural Center of Spain in Panama)

Center dedicated to Culture, where works of art are exhibited, there is also a bookstore, cafeteria and a terrace (located on the Roof).

The Casa del soldado is located in the Casco Antiguo on the Paseo were Huertas, where the veraneras are.

Casa del Soldado.
Casa del Soldado.

12. Art Spaces

In Panama, many of these spaces are free, such as Arteconsult and Allegro in San Francisco, Diablo Rosso in Casco Antiguo, Weil Art in Bella Vista.

Where you can see, and appreciate works by national artists.

On the other hand, Villa Agustina, in the Casco Antiguo offers a space for musicians, artisans and food sales, this place does not work permanently, only when there are fairs or artists / artisans go to offer their products.

Entrance to Villa Agustina, Free places in panama
Entrance to Villa Agustina.

13. Vida Nocturna

Panama also has night life and in many places the entrance to clubs and bars is free, as long as there is no special event, one option is those in El Casco Antiguo.  Some of them are Relic and Piña Carabela.

Only for panamanian and residents.

14. Biomuseo

The work of renowned architect Frank Gery opens its doors, free of charge, to Panamanians and residents on the 1st Saturday and Sunday of each month.

This is a museum that I recommend 100% because it explains what was there before in Panama and how the emergence of the Isthmus changed the world, it also has guides in each room and it has interactive areasread more.


15. Panama Canal Museum

In this museum you can see objects and information of what was the history of the Panama Canal, it tells how Panama was before the arrival of the Spanish, how the idea come up, all the events that took place from mass to what it is Today, it is located in the Casco Viejo and on Sunday mornings they have free entry to Panamanians and residentsread more.

Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum

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Map of free places to visit.
Map of free places to visit.

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