5 Recommended Trips for 2022

5 Recommended Trips for 2022

We start 2022 and surely, many of us want to do new things and get out of the house.

And for those of us who are in Panama, we start the year with the dry season, so it is to take advantage of this time without rain (or very little), do something different and get out of the routine. These are the recommended trips for 2022.

Get to know the Emberá Drúa Community

This community is in the Province of Panama. Getting to the meeting port is very easy, because the route is entering through La Cabima, literally, at the end of the street.

Emberá Drúa is, of the indigenous places that I have visited at the moment, the one that I recommend the most, because in addition to being very gentle people, they are people who still preserve the knowledge of their past and are willing to share it.

On the other hand, on your way out, you can take advantage and bathe in the Chagres River.

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5 Recommended Trips for 2022

Hike Turega Hill

For the more adventurous and those with more conditions, I recommend hiking Turega Hill.

It is near the community of El Valle de Antón. Carry water, light weight and go slowly, it is tiring, but in the end, it pays off with the view from the top.

It is advisable to go with a guide, there are parts where you cannot see

the trail to the top and you can take another trail.

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Turega Hill

Know the Arenilla Waterfall

If you want, in addition to hike a hill, to see a waterfall, without a doubt, one of the best options is the Arenilla Waterfall, it is in Capira, however, you can go through El Valle de Antón.

It is necessary to have conditions for the trail, because of the incline, however, it is very beautiful, photogenic and although it is quite marked, there are other trails and one can get lost, so, go with a guide.

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5 Recommended Trips for 2022

Know the Island of the monkeys (Isla de los Monos)

A quieter trip and without requiring any conditions, is to know the Island of the Monkeys, located in the waters of the Panama Canal.

It is a quiet trip by boat, where you will go through some islands, yes, there are more than one, you will be able to see different monkeys and be careful with your things, some may get on the boat and they can be mischievous.

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Monkey Island

Visit La Mola Museum

In Casco Antiguo you will find this museum, totally free, where you can learn a lot about the Mola, designs with fabrics of the Guna indigenous people, which consists of drawings or images that are made by means of several layers of fabric, they represent their culture, religion, past and present.

I recommend doing the guided tour, it is free and it is better understood that, just by reading the pictures, you can also learn things that are not written.

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Mola Museum

I hope you add to your list and enjoy some of these recommended places for 2022.

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