5 Recommended Trips for 2020

Venas Azules Recommended Trips for 2020

2020 begins and with it new opportunities, wish lists, friends and more. This is top 5 based on the almost 3 years traveling through Panama, from the more than 100 places visited I have taken the 5 recommended trips for 2020.

1. Qui Qui Waterfall

Qui Qui waterfall Recommended Trips for 2020

Undoubtedly this is the most beautiful waterfall I have seen in Panama so far, where it is seen is beautiful and photographic, people have always told me that they like this place very much, but until one is there, it is that one se realize why, since the photos don’t do it justice.

I did not want to leave the place, it is the trip that I have enjoyed the most and of course I want to return,… read more.

2.  Trip to Venas Azules

Venas Azules

One of the places that became popular in 2019 and for sure will continue to be for a few years.

It is a cove, which on sunny days takes a beautiful blue color, you can swim, walk, paddle or even snorkel.

 The place is located in the Caribbean of Colón, its waters are very calm and after visiting the place, you can end the trip with a Caribbean meal. It is perfect for all people,… read more.

3.  Bayano Cave

bayano caves one of the Recommended Trips for 2020

Without a doubt this place left me with my mouth open the day I met it, and I even went again and it kept leaving me fascinated.

It definitely has to repeat the top 5 recommendations. It is a place formed through thousands of years, by an underground river.

You can only go on tour, so, on this trip I made new friends, some foreigners, other Panamanians, because when going unaccompanied, it gave me the opportunity to talk with others, it is an experience that I will always remember,… read more.

4.  Canopy over the Gatún Lake


Canopy in itself is an incredible experience, and how about doing it over the Gatún Lake?

It is an experience that I am definitely going to repeat. If you only want to do something a little extreme an different, I recommend it to you , it is very easy to get there and although you can go on your own, if you have to make the booking….read more.

5.   Hanging Bridges

Hanging bridges one of the Recommended Trips for 2020

If you are in Boquete or plan to go, a place you can visit is the Hanging Bridges, it is a gentle 2-hour hike, where you will go through several hanging bridges and at the same time the guide will explain you about the vegetation, animals and information about the same place.

I had seen the place in photos, and just arrived in Boquete, book the tour, it can be done the same day as long as there is space, they also take you from the Boquete Center to the start point of the tour.

At the end of it, you can try a coffee while you have a beautiful view of the Barú Volcano,… read more.

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