Romelio Waterfall, One of the Highest Waterfall in Panama

Romelio Waterfall

Romelio Waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Panama, it is located in the Ngabe Bugle Region, in Cerro Blanco.

To go you must arrive to Soloy and then you have to take a 4×4 car at the beginning of the trail (it is better to hired a 4×4 car, due to the infrequency)

Soloy community
Soloy community, on the right before the turquoise house goes towards Cerro Blanco.  The car in the photo was one of the ones that transported us.
Beginning of the trail.
Beginning of the trail, home of the owners.

Romelio Waterfall is called as the owner´s name, who now is the dad of the house´s man at the beginning of the trail.

After to visit Qui Qui Waterfall, we went to know Romelio Waterfall.

On the way

We returned at the beginning point, to the house and from there, we started the trail to Romelio Waterfall, it was only 10 minutes, a hike with medium low difficulty.

Part of the trail, you have to go through a fence
Part of the trail, you have to go through a fence.

It is important to go with a guide or a local, because there is no signposted and you must to pass a fence.

Also, I recommend you to wear long pants and long sleeve shirt, dry fit type, a large part of the trail is it complete without forest, and the sun can be hard.

Trail to Romelio Waterfall
Trail to Romelio Waterfall.

First of all, we went to the viewpoint, where we could see the waterfall, it is really high, the water falls everywhere.

They told me that Qui Qui Waterfall and la Romelio Waterfall are connected by the Chochori river, but It is not recommended to go by water, it is better to go by land, although you cannot get to the down part of Romelio Waterfall.

viewpoint of Romelio Waterfall
Arriving at the viewpoint.

Romelio Waterfall

After the viewpoint, we returned to the trail to go to the top of Romelio waterfall, that part is just for put your feet into the water, maybe the deeper part only cover your ankles.

Romelio Waterfall
Romelio Waterfall.

Avoid to be near to the edge of Romelio waterfall, one reason is that there are slippery stones and another is, it is a free fall of more than 100m in height, so you can imagine how dangerous it is.


There are articles that said it measures 200m in height, but the truth would have to be measured to know the real high, the truth is that it is more than 100m.

Above the Romelio Waterfall
Above the Romelio Waterfall.


  • Bring water,
  • Snack (fruits, nuts, tuna, cookies),
  • Sunscreen,
  • Long pants (no jeans) and long sleeve shirt,
  • Hat/ cap and sunglasses,
  • Complete change clothes,
  • Shoes for water or sneakers, there are many stones in the river and on the way to the river,
  • Do not approach to the edge of the waterfall,
  • If you go on a tour from the capital it would be a good idea to have a coat, a blanket and a flip flop for the journey it is more comfortable,
  • Although it is a short trail, it is not marked, it is better to go with a guide,
  • Do not carry liquor, nor glass bottles for your own safety,
  • Do not play music, nor make noise (fuss) for respect to the visitors,
  • Don´t leave trashes and, if you can, pick up the one on the trail.

Hours to the visit

There is no defined the hour to visit, but I must remember you that you are going to enter to private property and to pass through the houses of the owners.

Chochorí River, above the Romelio Waterfall
Chochorí River, above the Romelio Waterfall.


  • $70.00 – approximately cost, tour from the capital (bus and 4X4 car, entrance fee, guide fee).
  • $1.50 cost of the 4×4 car from Soloy to Cerro Blanco. They do not pass frequently, if you find one when you go, you can hire it to pick up and come back to Soloy.
  • $5.00 entrance fee per person.

My guide

Rogelio of Trip Pty, you can contact him at (507) 6012.3577.

Tour only in Spanish.

How to get there to Romelio Waterfall?

Take by the Panamericana hightway to the entrance to Soloy, at the entrance is the Isabel grocery store (there is a sign to Soloy).

Continue by the street to the town of Soloy (40 minutes), La Tulivieja Waterfall is next the street (it is small and next to the street).

You should take a 4×4 car in Soloy, it is better to have one hired, because it is not frequent and there is no schedule.

Get off at the entrance to the trail in Blanco Hill (the driver knows) (it is about 45 minutes by 4×4 car), the place is on private land, you must ask for permission and pay a fee.

You can use Google Maps to get there, however, remember that on the way you will probably lose the cellphone signal as it is a remote place.

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Fonseca River
Fonseca River in the community of Soloy.

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