Punta Vieja Beach and Sloths Island

Punta Vieja beach

Punta Vieja Beach

In Bocas del Toro Archipelago, all the islands have beautiful beaches whit crystal clear water and definitely this is one of those, it is a bit far of Colon Island, there are no many tourists.

Punta Vieja Beach is at Bastimiento Island, Bocas del Toro, on the other side of Red Frog.

Azul Paradise Hotel is located in this island, you can use some water equipment, the chairs, and all things that it has in the beach area at no cost, as long as you consume at the hotel, it is not cheap.

The good thing is you can have the experience practicing Stand Up Paddle on the calm waters of the beach.

On the other hand, if you only want to be at the beach, you can get away a few meters, not much, you will leave the hotel area and you can freely enjoy the sea for swimming.

I recommend this area, I did and I do not regret, I think the water was better and cleaner, it had much less leaves and twigs.

Ngäbe Salt Creek

The Ngäbe Salt Creek Community lives on the island, they will give you a tour for $2.00, so if you are there, don´t miss it.

Just ask the hotel manager what the path is and he will tell you, make sure you understand well.

It is not difficult but that part is swampy it will seem that you can pass everywhere.

Yet when you get closer you will see that not and there is only one way to get there, once you start it, it will just take you to the community.

The community is not far from the beach.

Path to Salt Greek.

I could only get to the entrance, the guide told me that I can walk around the town, but he never told me that the town was an indigenous community and I didn´t investigated the place, so I spent all my time on the beach, and when I finally decided to walk a little, I got there I realize it was a Ngäbe Buglë Community, yet I had not time to do the tour because we had an hour of departure

There is a tour that goes to this community, but it is by another route, these enter through the mangroves.

Punta Vieja beach
Punta Vieja Beach

Perezosos Island (Sloths Island)

It is an island habited by sloths and if you are lucky you can see them, we achieved to see them, although they were a Little far.

You cannot go down to the island, it is an area full of mangroves

These animals are found in America Central and South America, they feed mainly on leaves.

I clarify, those found in Panama are the Sloths, which is very differed species to the sloth bear, the latter is very common in circuses and I think the sloth monkey does not exist, in my research on Google I did not find it.



  • Water, sunscreen,
  • Do the Ngäbe Community,
  • Take care of the places that you visit,
  • If you do not want to use the water equipment, you can bring your own food and to eat out of the hotel area or to eat in Colon Island.


  • Ranging from $25.00 to $30.00: Tours that includes a visit to this island.
  • $2.00 Comunidad Ngäbe tour.

How to get there?

Once in Colón Island, you can go to any of the tour operators and take a tour that has Punta Vieja and Isla Perezosos between its destinations.

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