Belisario Porras Museum

Belisario Porras Museum
In the background, photos of the works I do

In the center of Las Tablas, in front to Belisario Porras Park, it is Belisario Porras museum, it`s dedicated to one of the most brilliant men of Panama.

Curiosily the museum is where it was the house of the Belisario´s grandparents, also he was born in that place.

The house has been declarated National Historical Monument.

The visit is guided, and the guide was so friendly, the visit is guided, she really loves her job and she admire to Belisario Porras, she also offered me to stay at her house, really.

I have to say, the museums in Panamá have friendly workers.

Objects in the museum
Objects in the museum: Belisario Porras painting, photos of works I do, furniture and diplomas.

Who was Belisario Porras?

He was a lawyer, writer, teacher, poet, politician, journalist, diplomatic the 3th president of Panama and father of 13 children, he was born in November 27, 1856.

He has President of Panama in the follow periods: from1912 to 1916, from 1918 to 1920 and from 1920 to 1924.

In the entrance of the museum is a bust of him. Inside, all the museum is in a big salon, with a big main door.

You can see all the Belisario Porras Museum without walking, because of it is very small and it is in one place, but it has rich information of the history of panama by that period of time, this history is part of the grown of Panama.

You can find: The Presidential Strip, diplomas, awards, a telegraph of battery, photography of his constructions and work, some of his furniture, personal things and others. 

Diplomas and personal things
Diplomas and personal things.

His work

Sus obras: Estos los verá en un mural de fotografías de sus obras.

  • Chiriquí Railway,
  • National Highway,
  • Gorgas Commemorative Institute for health studies (headquarter of the first medical school),
  • National Records buildings,
  • Santo Tomas Hospital,
  • Renovation of the Presidential Palace,
  • National Mailbox and telegraph,
  • Balboa Avenue,
  • School deaf mute,
  • Profesional High School,
  • Artes y Oficios High School,
  • La Explosición Community,
  • Balboa Monument Square,
  • Pavilion of Spain, actually it is Spain Embassy,
  • Bellas Artes Building: actually, it is office of the administration,
  • Government Pavilion, actually Government of the Province,
  • Casino of the Explosion, after, it was the first headquarter of the Justo Arosemena School,
  • He presided the Panama Canal Inauguration in 1914,
  • Childhood haven (orphanage),
  • He inaugurated the I.D with photo in 1916,
  • Modelo jail,
  • Coiba Penal Center,
  • Renovation of the Chiriqui Bastion and the vaults, to make it a place of recreation, now it is the French Square,
  • He introduced the chat by phone,
  • It began the birth inscriptions, deaths and personal status, it also recorded the properties and wills,
  • Others.
Belisario Porras Monument
Belisario Porras Monument.

It is interesting he build the Santo Tomas Hospital, it was called the white elephant (because of it was consider so big by the time).

 When he was sick, he couldn´t be attended there, because of there were no beds available.

So, he went to a private hospital and died in 1942.

After my visit, I learned so much.

I recommend the visit, it is very cheap, you need less than 30 minutes and you can learn so much about a period of time of the small country.


  • Tuesday to Sunday.
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Free


The museum requires a booking for your visit, it is done from the Mi Cultura website, click here.

However, if it is close you can come by and ask if you can enter the museum, if there are no bookings they will probably let you pass.

How to get to Belisario Porras Museum?

It is very easy, it is in the center of Las Tablas, in Dr. Belisario Porras Avenue and it is in the same street to go to Chitre, Las Tablas, Pedasí and others famous places of the region.

Updated: 2021.

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Belisario Porras Museum entrance
Belisario Porras Museum entrance.

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