Fun Day of Kayaking and Extreme Park at La Granja Campo y Aventura

Jimara Coronado- Kayak

After do Canopy, we continued our next adventure, the extreme park and Kayak in Gatún Lake, which I personally thought would be very simple, a walk, but as its name says, it is extreme and yes, it is extreme.

Extreme Park

The guides indicated that there is a simple route and if we wanted we could add a part that is more difficult, we said of course, very brave, we went to do the complete one, with the most difficult part.

Starting of the Extreme Park
Starting of the Extreme Park.

The park has several hanging bridges, with different materials and different difficulties.

The first bridge at the Extreme Park, it seems a bit difficult to me, although it was the easiest, on television I see that these things happen quickly, but my strategy was to go little by little, one step at a time, once I felt safe.

You are tied to a safety line, if you slip or fall, you are actually hanging, almost at the level of the bridge.

first handing bridge
Josias passing the first handing bridge.

The second bridge was the same difficulty, but when I got to the third, my arms didn’t work anymore, and in that one it needs a lot of strength, because one goes sideways, walking over something that seems where you put your feet on the horse’s saddle.

Josías had a bit of a hard time, but he finish it, instead, when I was on the third, I threw myself and slid little by little until I reached the end, I couldn’t do it anymore hahaha.

Second handing bridge Extreme Park
Second handing bridge. Photo: Josias.

For this park, two things are needed: strength in the arms and strategy tokeep moving forward, I haven´t the first one, hahaha.           
The Extreme Park seems like an eight or more or less, where one of the circles is difficult and the other is easy (or less difficult).

It ends at the beginning or the end, in our case, how we adventured to do the difficult and we couldn’t finish it anymore, we ended up at the beginning.

Josias in one of his falls. 3th bridge
JJosias in one of his falls. 3th bridge

After passing the first 3 handing bridges, we still had to do another three to reach the beginning of the route, luckily, the level of difficulties was better and we managed to finish it.

4th bridge and definitely very difficult
4th bridge and definitely very difficult, I slipped down the safety line to finish it hahaha. Photo: Josias

I recommend you to do it, because it is super fun, the truth is that I laughed from the beginning to the end.

I am very happy to have done it and to have tried the difficult part, that if I would have liked to have a little more strength in the arms.

If you find it very difficult, just do the easy part, but do it, it’s very very fun.

Final score

  • Jimara: 1 fall and 1 self-surrender throw
  • Josias: 2 falls and 0 self-surrender throw
I almost finish the difficult part
I almost finish the difficult part. Photo: Josias

Kayak in Gatún Lake

After going to the Extreme Park, I went to Kayak in Gatún Lake, yes, and even though I had my arms tired, I felt that the kayak was relaxing and all fatigue was gone.

We moved again in the cart-bus to get to the dock where the kayaks are.

On this occasion Josias stayed to take some shots with the drone

Dock Kayak in Gatún Lake

I packed my things, the cameras that I was going to use, everything inside the waterproof bag and only carried what was necessary.  

The pants get wet, because the kayak has a system, with holes, I imagine that to prevent the water from rising and then submerging, the thing is that you have to go with pants to get wet, I suggest it is some swimsuit or clothes dry-fit

Once with were on the kayak in Gatún Lake, it was really relaxing, you can see the landscape from another perspective and for my good luck there was not a bit of wind, so I moved through the water, I did a few stops to take some photos and continued behind my guide.

Kayak in Gatún Lake
Gatun Lake from above Photo: Josias

While I was kayaking, I knew a little more about the place, Gatún lake was formed in 1920 and since then there are the tree trunks, well they have more time, but it is the tree trunks that have still been planted, they told me that they are good wood.

They also told me that on weekends people usually go to swim, of course on the shore.

The lake is dark, but most of all it is because the bottom is land, when you go around the islet, if you get close to it you can see the bottom

Without noticing, I spent more than 30 minutes in the kayak and I wanted to stay a while longer, it was like going to a natural spa after doing the extreme park.

Josias, my trip companion, regretted not having reached us.

View from the Kayak in Gatún Lake
View from the Kayak.

Then, we return in the cart-bus to our starting point, where I take the opportunity to change my clothes and have lunch at the restaurant.

La Graja Campo y Aventura also has other activities such as canopy, agro-tour (with butterfly), horseback riding, paint ball, boat ride, shore fishing, boat fishing, camping.

It has both adventure and farmer packages. If you wish, you can stay, it has a restaurant, where, by the way, you eat very delicious.

You can also do activities such as birthdays and rope workshops.

Note: at the extreme park area, there is toilet.

Kayak in Gatún Lake


  • Bring a waterproof bag for your camera or cell phone (kayak),
  • Good sneakers and long pants (extreme park),
  • Dry -fit clothing (kayak),
  • Cap and sunglasses,
  • Change clothes,
  • If you are going to take a package and do various activities, you can bring a snack like nuts and a little water.


  • Monday to Sunday,
  • From 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.


  • $30.00 Kayak in Gatún Lake
  • $30.00 Extreme Park
  • $60.00 Extreme package (canopy, extreme park and kayak) *,
  • $6.50 daily menu and from $ 8.00 a la carte.
  • From $ 50.00 to $ 120.00 the rooms, cost will depend on the number of people (from 2 to 12).



Booking is required, since the number of guides for the day depends on the number of people who go. I

If you need to be given the tour in English, it must be requested in advance. You can pay by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Where is La Granja Campo y Aventura?

It is in Colón, in the San Judas Tadeo neighborhood, before reaching Sabanitas.

Kayak in Gatún Lake
Photo: Josías

How to get to La Granja Campo y Aventura?

From the capital, the most practical and simple thing is to take the Panama-Colón Highway, exit in the Colón City.

Continue on the Transistmica road as if you were going to return to the capital, you will drive for approximately 10 minutes until you reach Cochez (I think that area is called Cativá).

From there you can use Google Maps to guide you to La Granja Campo and Aventura, it is at the end of a neighborhood, there is signs, however on one of the streets I did not see it, it is better to use an app on this way.

More information

Contact of La Granja Campo y Aventura: 507-444-1106 –  –

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Kayak in Gatún Lake

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